The Music Industry, in its entirety extended to the performing and creative arts, it is one of the most flourishing, developed and productive industry in the world. The Commercial Music Degree programme is meant for those with talent, creativity and strong innovation ability in the arts, in order to foster growth and development in a professional environment. The course covers different professional subjects: composition, music technology, music and cultural entrepreneurship, session man/discography job, marketing / artist management. For this reason the course is not open only to classical and modern music musicians / singers (the course is open to all instruments), but also to aspiring producers / programmers, managers / agents, cultural entrepreneurs, arrangers, aspiring audio engineers, artists in the field of performing arts and music technology.


Commercial Music graduates can access to the Master of Arts courses, for further training and specialization. This Degree also encourages the achievement of professional and artistic skills useful in the following professions (non-exhaustive list):
– Solo musician or band
– Song Writer
– Entrepreneur and Manager in the musical or cultural business
– Session man, technician or assistant in recording studios, live concerts, TV / Radio shows
– Teacher in music in vocational or public UK institutions (subject to license)
– Teacher in music in non-vocational schools outside the UK (i.g. Italy)
– A & R (Artist & Repertoire) Representative / Manager in the recording business
– Promoter in music or cultural events
– Artist / Personal Manager
– Booking Agent
– Music Manager in a music production company or publishing company
– Blogger / Influencer in the filed of arts
– Tour Manager


The Commercial Music Degree can be achieved in 3-4 years, but the period of studies, in the case of previous already achieved certification or previous professional experience, can be greatly reduced (read the “Admission” section below), as a result of direct access to annuities higher than the first. The course provides the opportunity to spend a period of study abroad, as well as to carry out an internship, to apply on the field all the theoretical and practical skills learned.
The annual number of hours is approximately 800, made of lectures, self-study, workshops, role playing, professional training and project work. Each student is also required to attend workshops, events or cultural activities from time to time offered during the year.
At the end of the programme the student will achieve a Bachelor of Arts Ordinary Degree (3rd year) and a Commercial Music Ordinary Hons Degree (4th year), both corresponding to level 6 EQF. More info qui.



Nowadays musicians are required to know how to manage international professional relationships and increase their knowledge wherever they can do it. The Commercial Music Degree is a unique experience, both from an academic point of view and from a cultural point of view. The academic year takes place simultaneously between Italy and UK, every year you can choose to attend one or more modules at the UWS Campus in Scotland, being able to collaborate in person with fellow musicians from around the world, all without losing your exams and precious hours of study.

International Band Exchange

“Eurogig” is an international band exchange project based on music and culture that includes the following institutions: University of the West of Scotland (Promoter), Immecke Rock (Germany), Kedge Business School (France), Fontys Academy of Creative Industries (Netherlands), Harris Institute (Canada) and since 2016 also Italy, through UWS Music Italy. Every year students from UWS Music Italy can be part of the “Eurogig” project, traveling to one of the participating countries to perform with their band during festivals, events and cultural meetings.

Graduation Ceremony

At the end of your period of study you will finally receive the parchment and the Bachelor of Arts Commercial Music Degree directly from the hands of the Chancellor of the University of the West of Scotland. The Scottish Graduation Ceremony takes place in a very magical atmosphere, the result of a centuries-old tradition handed down unchanged to this day. The event is open to your friends and family and it is an additional opportunity to meet the many international colleagues met over the years, friendships that often become professional partnerships.



Intakes are permitted twice alone the academic year, enrolling by the 15th of September or by the 15th of January. In exceptional cases the Board can consider late enrollments but any case will be evaluated individually.


The Commercial Music Programme is a 1st cycle UK academic course, so you must meet the following entry requirements before applying:
• Being at least 18 years old (there is no upper age limit); in some cases 16/17 years old applicants can be accepted, i.g. in case of previous UK qualifications such as: BTEC Cert HE or equivalent. Applications in these cases will be considered on an individual basis.
• Having a previous certification such as a Higher School Diploma (or equivalent qualifications to EQF Level 3/4 or otherwise accepted by the Faculty).
• Having a good knowledge of English, the certification IELTS 6.0 is the minimum requirement.

Any other possible equivalent certification will be verified by the Faculty on an individual basis.


In some cases is possible to enter the programme directly over the first year, thus completing the course in one or two years. You can access directly at year 2, 3 or 4:
• Presenting a certification such as the
BTEC in music or music technology, Cert HE in music or music business or equivalent certifications (direct access to year 2);
HNC-HND in music or music technology or equivalent certifications (direct access to Year 3);
BA Ordinary Degree or equivalent (direct access to year 4)
• Requiring a validation of prior learning or prior experiential learning. The request will be considered on an individual basis.


Applications are welcomed from mature students and will be considered on an individual basis. Mature applicants will normally have had a break in studies and may have had a range of professional experiences. These experiences may form the basis of an APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) claim where a portion of credit can be awarded for demonstration of professional learning. Existing academic credit may also be considered along with submission of a portfolio of professional work. Applicants should expect to be invited for interview.


Each request of enrollment that may come from not UK/Italian applicants is welcome and it will be considered on an individual basis, through individual support, in English language. Each not UK/Italian applicants will be highly supported in order to complete the enrollment procedure and start the programme.


Checking the status of your enrollment request is easy, just send an email to When your enrollment request will be accepted we will communicate it immediately to you.


“Ho ottenuto il Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commercial Music frequentando la sede di Roma, sin da subito l’ambiente in accademia è stato molto stimolante e costruttivo. Durante tutto il mio percorso formativo ho trovato persone disponibili e professionali ma anche pronte a “bastonare” quando necessario. Infine, laurearsi in Scozia nel campus della University of the West of Scotland sarà per sempre uno dei ricordi più belli che porterò dentro. Semplicemente AMAZING.”

Fabrizio Fiorilli

“Ottimo ambiente, un approccio friendly unitamente alla presenza di insegnanti/professionisti di alto livello. Mettersi in gioco non è mai stato così semplice.”

Giovanni Bellosi

“I achieved my Bachelor of Arts in 2015. Throughout the whole course Gianluca Perdicaro and RCMC staff were very supportive and professionals. I’ve acquired many skills that allowed me to be more competitive and complete both as musician and teacher.”

Stefano Casti
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